Bikepacking The White Rim Trail: a solo overnighter in Canyonlands, UT

Much has been written about bikepacking the infamous White Rim trail, with great resources to be found on as well as many other sites! Suffice it to say, I am not going to attempt to restate the wealth of information contained within those many great route descriptions. Rather, what follows are pictures from my overnight solo bikepacking trip along the White Rim at the end of March.

In the interest of brevity, I started my route just north of the Canyonlands park entrance and descended the stunning Shafer Canyon Rd en route to Murphy Hogback Campground, which was almost exactly halfway around the White Rim and where I had cached water and two beers hiking in a few days prior. Cool days and a mix of weather conditions made for stunning skies and memorable miles. The pictures and descriptions tell the rest of the story, but it is certainly one I will never forget!

2 Replies to “Bikepacking The White Rim Trail: a solo overnighter in Canyonlands, UT”

  1. Wow. Amazing place to ride.
    Looks like an awesome set-up.
    Do you mind breaking down what you’ve got going on there in the cockpit?
    It looks awesome.

    1. Thanks Will! I wrote a little bit more about my setup in a subsequent post that you can read here. In short though, I am running a Son28 Dynamo that is wired to a custom K-lite stem switch (their newer model that does the same thing is this bar switch) that allows you to choose between USB output or USB+Light. For the USB output I use a Sinewave Cycles Reactor unit and the light is a K-lite Bikepacker Pro. Finally, I use the USB to keep a constant charge on my GPS but run a small cache battery with pass through charging between the GPS and the USB reactor. That way the battery can still output a constant charge to your GPS and keep it from constantly yelling at you if your speed drops off for climbs, etc. The key is to get a battery with pass-through charging otherwise the battery cannot output a charge while simultaneously receiving input from the dynamo. I use an old LimeFuel L60X, but this Voltaic Systems battery is another viable option that has been tested by a number of folks running dynamos. Final edit: recently Sinewave Cycles introduced their Beacon light, which also includes an integrated USB charger so that is also a very attractive and sleek option.

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