All-City Space Horse Build: Part 2

Meet Tori. 
That’s right, we name our bikes, and our Raspberry Girl here is a beauty: A true labor of love. As I mused about in Part 1, since moving to Boston I have wanted to build my wife a bike flexible enough to handle the kind of varied riding we do here in New England. The All-City Space Horse was a perfect fit, and with a solid component spec we couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. In the interest of brevity, let’s just jump right to the build details… Continue reading

All-City Space Horse Build: Part 1

Awww Minneapolis.

Not long ago both my wife and I hailed from Minneapolis – a town that many cyclists likely know as the source for, and money sink of, all the products you have undoubtably ordered through QBP (the mothership behind such bike brands as SurlySalsaAll-City and many others). To us Minneapolis has always been home. Having lived there for a decade (plus or minus), it is a city filled with amazing friends, wonderful food, stress-free living, and (of course) the brutal winters that helped fuel the popularization of fatbikes! It is also host to amazing trail systems, growing urban bike infrastructure, and an excellent community of cyclists, all of which fostered my passion and obsession for riding. Continue reading